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Andrzej Dąbrowski is an analyst of the United States foreign policy at the Polish Institute for International Affairs. His areas of expertise are: American foreign and domestic policy, bilateral cooperation between US and European Union states as well as American interests in the world. Earlier, he worked for TVN24 Biznes i Świat, a Warsaw-based news organisation, as a journalist. He is a graduate of political science and history at Warsaw University.

How Will Trump’s Visit Affect Polish Politics?

Donald trump

It goes without saying that the state visit that US president, Donald Trump, paid to Poland and his meeting with the leaders of the Three Seas Initiative (TSI) countries was a great success. This achievement has not only shown the ability and perseverance of the Polish diplomatic structure, but also underlines the interest of the new American administration in the Central European region, which was doubted by some commentators and analysts. Continue reading How Will Trump’s Visit Affect Polish Politics?