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Cristian Colţeanu is GE President & CEO for Romania, Bulgaria and Republic of Moldova. Prior to that, he served as the Romanian Ambassador to Italy, Secretary of State, National Coordinator of the Stability Pact for Southeast Europe and National Coordinator of Southeast European Cooperative Initiative in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as an adviser and representative of the Finmeccanica/Ansaldo Group of Companies in Bucharest. He graduated the Polytechnics Institute, Bucharest, Romania and he holds a Bachelor of Science in machine tools. He also undertook various training in Foreign Trade, International Economic Cooperation, Human Resources, International Finance and Political Environment.

Romgaz and GE Partner in a New Power Project

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The Romanian energy market has gone through a process of accelerated growth in recent years, leading to the emergence of new energy needs and solutions. The steps that have been taken to achieve a high-performance energy system, although still early, are vital for Romania’s chances of becoming an important player in the regional energy market and an energy hub for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Continue reading Romgaz and GE Partner in a New Power Project