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Iga Kamocka is a project manager at the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation. Her projects are related to urban development, civil society and youth engagement, particularly as far as young people participation in political elections is concerned. She is interested in the development of cities, particularly in methods of engaging their inhabitants in the management of common areas. She studied at the European Centre at Warsaw University, as well as the Polish Academy of Sciences and Collegium Civitas.

Lesson for Polish Cities – Are They Learning?

Cities should not only be smart, as the popular urban development trend assumes, but they should also be permanently learning. The first person to write about learning regions and cities was Richard Florida. He believed that a city operates as an assemblage of science and ideas, thus creating a friendly environment and infrastructure which enable the smooth transfer of knowledge as the engine of economic growth. By attracting creative and enterprising people, growth may develop that is based, not on coal and steel, but on knowledge and information. Continue reading Lesson for Polish Cities – Are They Learning?