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Kateřina Hošková is a student of International Economic Relations at the University of Economics, Prague. Her research interests focus on international trade, economic diplomacy, and intra-EU labour mobility. Katerina was an intern at CASE—Centre for Social and Economic Research in Warsaw, Poland, in summer 2017.

Emphasising the Incongruence Between the V4 Countries

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French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent Central and Eastern European (CEE) visit was notable for what he discussed (stimulating the French economy), and perhaps even more notable for where he visited… and where he did not. While the tour may have accomplished his quest for regulating posted workers (he claimed current numbers harm the French economy), his policy objectives may have been overshadowed by the growing rift in the European Union (EU), and especially amongst the Visegrad countries of Central Europe.  Continue reading Emphasising the Incongruence Between the V4 Countries