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Marcin Diakonowicz is CE German Desk Leader, Partner, Audit & Assurance at Deloitte. He has has extensive auditing experience obtained both in Poland and in Germany. He is a Polish Statutory Auditor and a member of FCCA. His experience includes German GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards. He has authored numerous articles and training courses on German GAAP. He is an expert on consolidation methods.

Poland’s Capital Saturation Lower Than the Czech Republic’s

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In the 27 years since the transformation, Poland has been preoccupied with catching up with the more civilised and developed economies of Western Europe. Moreover, it has not suffered a recession since 1991, when the GDP dropped by seven per cent per annum. For these reasons, we have seen the longest period of constant and stable global economic growth ever. The economic upturn has also fostered foreign investment. Continue reading Poland’s Capital Saturation Lower Than the Czech Republic’s