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Przemysław Ruchlicki is a legal and economics expert at the Polish Chamber of Commerce (KIG), also dealing with TTIP. Having worked for the Chamber since 2011, Przemysław is a legislature process consultant, specialising in business law, including special economic zones, pharmaceutical and tax law. He is a mediation and business negotiation lecturer and coach. He was a member of a special committee responsible for regulatory improvements at the Ministry of Economy and took part in public debates organised by the President of Poland. Przemysław is a graduate of Law and Administration from Warsaw University and the University of Florida, Levin College of Law.

TTIP Is a “Must” For the Entire European Union

If the European Union wants to grow further, it needs a strong motivation and a levée en masse of entrepreneurs and consumers. The Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP, which was signed recently, has created a market of 800 million consumers, generating a joint GDP of around $28 billion. Where the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is concerned these figures come to about two thirds of those amounts (500 million people and a joint GDP of some $17 billion). Continue reading TTIP Is a “Must” For the Entire European Union