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Zsuzsanna Szelényi is a liberal Member of Parliament in Hungary. She covers foreign and security policy, migration, constitutional affairs and gender issues. She started her career as one of the founding members of Fidesz, a youth party at the régime change in Hungary in 1988. She became a Member of Parliament of the first freely elected Parliament. She left politics in 1994 and had a professional career at the Council of Europe. In 2013 she returned to the Hungarian politics for the call of former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai, who formed a new party, Together.

2018 Elections — Vital Decisions for Hungary’s Future

Victor Orban energing europe

In 2010, when Viktor Orban took over Hungary’s government, he seemed like a typical mainstream-conservative European politician. But as soon as he announced his ‘voting booth revolution,’ we, who knew him, were aware that this would be the start of a new era in Hungary. Within a year, Orban’s one-party government rammed a new basic law through Parliament that tailored the constitution for his party’s interests. Indeed, his changes proved to be revolutionary. He established the first 21st-century populist state within the European Union. Continue reading 2018 Elections — Vital Decisions for Hungary’s Future