Michael: The Last King of Romania

He was king before – and after – his father. He was one of the last people alive to have met Hitler, Mussolini and Churchill but not, as has been reported, the last World War II head of state: Simeon II of Bulgaria survives him. He was certainly the last king of Romania. Any hope the country’s monarchists had of restoring the throne were dashed in 1990 when the neo-communists who took over Romania in the wake of the 1989 revolution prevented the exiled king from even entering the country. His legacy is not great: a feuding family, no clear line of succession. To all intents and purposes the Romanian royal family dies with him.

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An Unexpected Culinary Feast In Romania’s Capital

You never know where to go for dinner if you don’t know the city you’re in that well. You’re hungry, time’s running and you’d like to make the most out of your stay. We had the same problem in Bucharest. We’d had a tiring Monday full of meetings followed by an eight kilometre late-afternoon run down the streets of Romania’s capital late November.  We knew we could definitely use some Romanian wine and enjoy a nice place.  Continue reading An Unexpected Culinary Feast In Romania’s Capital