Estonia: Europe’s Little Technological Giant

Estonia is in the last month of its EU presidency. Having called itself the ‘digital presidency’ it is not surprising that many of the themes of this past month are digital: progression on the taxation of the digital economy and the free movement of data, approval of an ecommerce VAT package, and an agreement on further steps to develop 5G networks across Europe.

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Women, to Tractors!

Tug of war contest between boys and girls. Two groups of children of different sex pulling opposite ends of rope. Concept of gender equality among kids, team sports. Vector illustration for banner

“If we’re too tough, we’re unlikable. If we’re too soft, we’re not cut out for the big leagues. If we work too hard, we’re neglecting our families. If we put family first, we’re not serious about work. If we have a career but no children, there’s something wrong with us, and vice versa. If we want to compete for a higher office, we’re too ambitious.” So writes Hillary Rodham Clinton in her new book analysing What Happened in the 2016 presidential election. Continue reading Women, to Tractors!

Slovakia: Growth Continues But Problems Remain

Mixed messages in the world of Slovakian business. While according to the latest figures published by the Business Alliance of Slovakia (PAS) the country’s business environment rating has fallen to 49.6 points (less than half its original starting value), in better news the World Economic Forum’s 2017-2018 Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) ranks Slovakia 59th, up six places on last year. Slovakia has alas dropped six places, from 33rd to 39th, in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report.

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Western Ukraine Could Be an Entry Point into the Country

When Ukraine makes the headlines, it is generally because of the war, which started in 2014, in the eastern part. This has hugely influenced the political and economic situation of the country, including the ease of doing business. However, it’s unjustified to think that, given the circumstances, investing in the whole country makes no sense.  Continue reading Western Ukraine Could Be an Entry Point into the Country

Do Your Homework First and Starting Business in Poland is Easier

New VAT forms that companies submit to the tax office and an updated list of products and services with a lower VAT rate are only a few of the procedures that have resulted from the Ministry of Finance’s five recent decrees. In July 2016, the Parliament approved new amendments to the VAT law in order to reduce informal economy. The Ministry of Justice plans on fighting the informal sector even further with terms of imprisonment for up to 25 years for tax fraud. Provisions against tax evasion have recently been introduced.   Continue reading Do Your Homework First and Starting Business in Poland is Easier