TTIP And Polish Small And Medium Enterprises Expanding To the US

Attracted by higher growth prospects and seeking new business opportunities, more and more Polish companies are looking to expand to foreign markets, including the United States.

Currently, there are obstacles that companies have to overcome.

Two Polish business people, Marcin Piątkowski, CEO & Founder of JAM Vehicles and Jakub Imosa, Co-Founder & CEO of Kotrak Group, explain what expectations they have of the the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Poland and CEE targeted by British companies and the government

Poland and Central and Eastern Europe are increasingly important for the UK. First, the region was one of the country’s eleven priority trade destinations. In August 2014, MP Daniel Kawczynski, was elected the new chairman of All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland and Special Advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron on Central and Eastern Europe and on Eastern Europeans living in the UK.

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To EU or not to EU: A possible turbulence in the CEE region

One never knows how things will develop, says James Roaf, Senior Regional Resident Representative of IMF, discussing changes on the CEE geopolitical scene with Why Emerging Europe, including Russia’s annexation of Crimea and CEE’s history of legacy risks. Roaf argues that it is imperative for countries of CEE to repair their fiscal policies through structural reform, dealing with high debt levels and controlling the exposure to unpredictable foreign investment in order to create a healthier business climate and better economy.