22-902 Alshewskaha str, Minsk, Belarus 220073

Every client deserves an individual approach and top-notch deliverables. Clients are creative in ideas and strict in requirements. They are result-oriented and deadline-driven. Balancing between these extremes is art. “It’s never what you do, but how it’s done”, they say, and we have incorporated this principle.

We are Omertex Ltd. – a dynamic software development company from Minsk, Belarus.

Our story begins in September 2008, when the company made its first steps into big business. Since then we have powered up significantly and transformed our youthful grab-and-go enthusiasm into all-around business analysis and robust development processes.

As of today, Omertex offers full-cycle enterprise web and mobile software development. We lead projects from concepts to operating and commercially profitable products. We provide full-cycle software development and successfully apply our best practices to secure reliable: consulting, business and user experience analysis, design, engineering, quality assurance and final deployment.

Technologies we excel in: .NET, C#, Java, Node.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, React.js, Angular.js, Android, iOS, Xamarin and more.

Our products are widely used in finance & banking, traveling & hospitality, entertainment and other industries.

Throughout our short but glorious 8-years’ history we have delivered 64 solutions for 47 clients from 17 countries across the globe, primarily USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Russia.

On the edge of the next technological revolution, we are heading for the latest and breakthrough inventions. We emphasize the potential of Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things and Biometrics, and put these domains forward amongst our priorities to determine our present and future.

All of this is only possible with well-seasoned and self-propelled people on board. Every step of the way we create a comfortable environment to stay helpful and pack the most punch!

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TELEPHONE +375 17 254 7574
CONTACT PERSON Marina Rusanova
POSITION Sales Manager
TELEPHONE +375 29 592 0806
Country Belarus
Address 22-902 Alshewskaha str, Minsk, Belarus 220073
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