In Brief

Belarus is the most creative EEU country

In the latest edition of the Martin Prosperity Institute’s annual Global Creativity Index 2015, Belarus ranked 37th, not only higher than other Eurasian Economic Union country but also better than some of the country’s EU neighbours like Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Belarus was followed by the Russian Federation (38th). Kazakhstan, Armenia and the Kyrgyz Republic were far behind — 84th, 103rd and 111th respectively.

Out of the three components that are measured in the ranking (talent, technology and tolerance) talent is Belarus’ main asset as in the talent subindex the country ranked 8th, placed equally with New Zealand, Slovenia and Sweden.

In the technology subindex, Belarus was 39th as far as R&D investment is concerned and 25th in the number of patents per capita. In the tolerance subindex, Belarus got the lowest note and ranked 97th.

Source: NAIP