In Brief

Plovdiv — an emerging outsourcing destination

On 10 September 2015, the Municipality of Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second largest city, jointly with InvestBulgaria Agency, is organising the Outsourcing Destination Bulgaria Business Forum. The city has established itself as the second largest centre of investments in the sector of IT and outsourcing business process in Bulgaria, after the capital, Sofia.

The main objective of this year’s event is to continue the discussions on human capital, the necessary competences, the cooperation between IT and outsourcing business and the educational and academic institutions as a prerequisite for construction of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. In this regard, one of the main pressing issues to be discussed will  of a policy for attracting talents from outside the EU will be discussed.

The forum will be attended by professionals who possess deep insights on the topics, including representatives of the central and local government and branch organizations and representatives of leading companies, who will provide feedback on what it means to do business in Plovdiv and in Bulgaria, in general.

The Municipality of Plovdiv and Industry Watch are the organizers of the forum in partnership with InvestBulgaria Agency, Bulgarian Outsourcing Association, Bulgarian Association of Software Companies, ICT Cluster Plovdiv and Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies.

Source: InvestBulgaria Agency