Discover Romania: from tradition to innovation

ICT is one of Romania’s three top sectors. For example, the country’s software market was worth over €570 billion. According to Brainspotting’s Romania IT Talent Map, 2014, Facts and Figures, in 2014, the expansion of the companies was set to create approximately new 5,000 IT jobs.

International giants are already here: Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, Continental, Adobe, Hella, Facebook, Siemens, Vodafone, Apple, Intel, Orange, Alcate Lucent, Endava are amongst most desired employers.

There is also a large supply: there are over 95,000 IT&C specialists at national level, Romanian universities have been Top 3 in the IEEE Design Competition every year since 2001, Romania has more Informatics and Math Olympiad medals than any other European nation, and is 3rd globally after Russia (URSS) and China, the number of engineers per capita is greater than the US, India, China, or Russia, and almost 90 per cent of IT professionals speak English.