Invest in Belarus: looking beyond politics to the future

Look beyond politics and notice the country’s economic potential is the Belarusian government’s message to potential foreign investors.

Even though the lack of certain necessary regulations, administration hierarchy and decision-making processes can be challenging, they can also be an opportunity to negotiate attractive individual incentives, benefits and privileges.

The country is an ideal gateway to Eastern markets, especially now after Russia and banned certain products imported from the European Union.

Belarus compared to other countries in the region is at a very early stage of its development of a full market economy but if you go to Belarus you’ll see that the country is already a consumer society and there is no way of going back,” says Francis Delaey, Head of Office, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Belarus  “I believe that Belarus is able to go the same route as Poland and the Baltic countries,” he adds.

Invest in Belarus — Guidebook November 2014 (download pdf)

Invest in Belarus — Prospective Sectors (download pdf)