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Located in the northwest of the country – across the Komárom-Esztergom, Fejér and Veszprém counties – and bordering Slovakia, the main cities of this administrative division include Tatabánya, Veszprém and Székesfehérvár. The region is hugely diverse geographically, with the Bakony, Vèrtes and Gerecse mountains making it a centre of forestry and tourism, along with the northern shore of Lake Balaton and Lake Velence, located 40km from Budapest. Registering 1,623 FDI-supported enterprises employing 90,576 people, the region has a GDP of €7,767 per capita, at 57 per cent the EU average.

Key sectors include automotives, electronics and information technology; aluminium and steel industry; and mechanical engineering. The region has the highest industrial output per capita in Hungary, with a share of 43.6 per cent of the industry – significantly higher than the national average. Suzuki established a production plant with a capacity of 300,000 cars per annum, while DENSO has experienced rapid growth, producing diesel injection pumps and railway diesel engines.

Situated along the Vienna-Budapest axis, the region is easily accessible by highways, with 36.2 km of public roads per 100 sq km recorded in 2012.

There are 28 industrial parks in the region, as well as clusters in various industries with educational and science facilities. There are several university-based research centres actively engaged in innovation collaboration with business partners across healthcare, info-bio-nano research, information security, IT, logistics and engineering. R&D expenditures per 1000 inhabitants in 2012 were at €80,988, while a gradual shift to increased local value-adding activities has been noted.