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As one of the world’s fastest growing emerging markets outside of Asia, Romania’s economy is the largest in south-eastern Europe and the second largest in CEE. Referred to as the ‘Tiger of the East’ due to its high growth and rapid investment, the region is rich in land and diverse energy resources, with a strong manufacturing base and low cost work force, as well as a wealth of historical and natural tourist attractions.

Now a part of the EU single market and NATO, Romania is split into 42 counties, divided amongst eight development regions. They each offer significant opportunity in its underdeveloped tourism and agricultural industries, as well as wine, energy and services. There are currently three SEZ locations across the country, with the government offering aid, exemptions and fiscal incentives to new enterprise in those areas.

Romania is recipient of nearly €22.1 billion of EU Cohesion Policy funding for 2014 to 2020, significantly more than the €1.8 billion for the previous round, with public investment focussing on regional operations, infrastructure and transport, along with SOP in the environment and new energy. Meanwhile, plans for the continued modernisation and upgrading of the railway and road networks promise to optimize Romania’s location at a cross roads of the major EU, Commonwealth of Independent States and Middle Eastern markets.

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