Brexit Doesn’t Mean Business Is “On Hold”

“There is no clear plan of how Brexit is going to play out, but the best thing we can do is to make decisions that move businesses forward instead of putting them on hold. We have heard some businesses talking about leaving the London area, yet we have seen others moving in. I think it’s going to carry on that way for a little while yet,” says Kerry Hallard, president of the Global Sourcing Association, in an interview with Emerging Europe.


Kraków Is Growing Into a Green and Liveable Working and Living Place

krakow emerging europe mipim

Belarus Is One of the Top Outsourcing Destinations of 2016

HTP: Belarus’ Engineers Are Leading a Cool Revolution

CEE’s Contributions to EMEA’s Outsourcing Income Is Substantial And Still Growing

Global Expansion in the Digital Age

Shared Service Centres Offering Smaller Polish Cities a Brighter Economy

Large Differences Between Countries in the CEE Region

The Innovation District IT Park Will Help Lviv Become CEE’s IT Hub

IT park lviv ukraine

Encouraging All Polish Cities and Towns to Take Advantage of the Technological New Age

Belarusian Tech Companies Lead a Global Technological Advance in Outsourcing and Product Development

Sirin Software — A Ukrainian Firm Conquering Global Markets

The Newly Branded Global Sourcing Association Makes Standards its Priority

Brexit May Cause UK’s GDP to Drop

Outsourcing in Germany: Stop Talking at and Start Talking to

PandaDoc — Rolling Sales Procedures Together So Everyone Succeeds

Young Well-Paid IT Specialists Are Making Belarus Known Internationally

Gdynia: Combining Quality of Life With Business Potential

gdynia bpo

“e-Belarus”: Embracing the Internet and its Possibilities

Getting All of Europe Behind Brexit

Do Your Homework First and Starting Business in Poland is Easier

SSC/BPO — Sourcing Talent On Poland

Poznan: Translating Entrepreneurship into Understanding Business Services

Lublin: Building a Reputation as a Business Services Destination

bpo bss ito lublin

‘Cosy’ Vilnius Offers a Vibrant Life/Work Mix for its Growing Population

Jeffrey Puritt: In Outsourcing, Understanding Is About More Than Speaking the Same Language

Using Technology to Make Global Expansion More Efficient

See the New Ukraine and Benefit From the Best by Partnering or Investing in IT

Engineer proceeding to data recovery from computer

Ukraine Continues to Make Waves as an IT Outsourcing Destination

Emerging Europe Live: CEE — The Outsourcing Destination

Poznań is Becoming an Automotive, IT and BPO Hub

Night view of Poznan Old Market Square in western Poland. Panoramic montage from 5 HDR images

How to Prepare an Organisation Before Deciding to Outsource


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