Air Serbia sees big jump in passenger numbers

Serbia’s national airline Air Serbia carried 240,696 passengers in October 2019, 13.37 per cent higher than the same month of last year.

“We are very satisfied with the results we have achieved and we are convinced the trend will continue in the coming period,” said Air Serbia CEO Duncan Naysmith.

“The new destinations we launched in June as the result of careful strategic planning have proven to be the right move and have generated significant growth. We are also happy that, with our results, we have contributed to the development of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, whose growth reached almost 10 per cent in Q3 2019,” added Mr Naysmith.

Air Serbia, which was created in 2013 after the former flag carrier Jat Airlines entered into a strategic partnership with Etihad Airways, flies to 45 destinations from Belgrade and 12 from Niš.

The Serbian government has a 51 per cent stake in airline, which in 2018 made a loss of just over 11 million euros on revenue of 290.73 million euros.