EuroChem opens new production plant in Lithuania

Swiss company EuroChem, a leading global fertiliser producer, has opened a new production plant for highly efficient, water-soluble fertilisers at its Lifosa subsidiary in Lithuania. Lifosa has been part of the EuroChem group since 2002.

Over 14 million euros has been invested in the construction of the new plant. Through the implementation of this investment project, 26 new jobs have been created.

“Kėdainiai is an important industrial centre for Lithuania, and Lifosa is an unrivalled leader in this industrial field and is an active and responsible member of the community. We believe that the company’s investment in this development, and the jobs created, are a significant contribution to the further prosperity of the region. At the same time, we have no doubt that both the new plant and our modern factory will continue to help promote both the city and our country around the world,” said Saulius Grinkevičius, mayor of Kėdainiai.

The new facility will produce 25,000 metric tonnes of crystalline urea phosphate per year, adding to the range of high-quality fertilisers currently manufactured at Lifosa.

“The activities and products of the new department will further strengthen Lifosa’s position in the global fertiliser market. At the same time, the construction of the plant is an investment in the sustainable development of the company: the department employs the most advanced technologies to make the work performed there extremely environmentally-friendly. We constantly aim to protect our environment by rationalising the use of natural resources and energy, and we are consistently trying to achieve this goal in most of the Lifosa investment projects,” added Jonas Dastikas, Lifosa’s general manager.

Crystalline urea phosphate is a soluble, chlorine-free fertiliser that contains no heavy metals and is suitable for use on various soils. As it is soluble in water it can easily be applied by a sprinkler and provides plants with the necessary nitrogen and phosphorous nutrients needed for growth.

As one of the most advanced factories in Europe, Lifosa consistently invests in advanced technological solutions and innovations that help to save on natural resources and expand the range of new, more efficient, greener and higher value-added products.

This year, Lifosa has already modernised and expanded its compressed air production system. This investment in an innovative solution has led the company to quadruple the reduction of its energy consumption for producing compressed air, contributing to Lifosa’s goal of saving energy and natural resources.