Fortaco Group extends Estonian steel fabrication plant

Fortaco Group, Europe’s largest manufacturer of steel fabrications in Europe, has started a capacity extension project worth over 10 million euros in Narva, Estonia. The investment will consist of a 10,000 square metre factory extension and new equipment. Construction work begun in July 2019 and it is scheduled to be finalised within a year. The investment is supported by the Estonian government.

“We believe this investment is an important economic step in the city of Narva and it re-enforces the long relations that Fortaco’s Narva factory has in the region,” said Lars Hellberg, president and CEO of Fortaco Group.

“In the past two years, 200 new employees have been added to the Narva factory team. The new extension will offer additional jobs for up to 50 employees,” added Larissa Shabunova, managing director of Fortaco Estonia.

Fortaco’s factory in Narva offers the world’s leading OEM customers manufacturing capabilities including steel fabrications used for various lifting applications and mobile equipment components. Fortaco’s steel fabrication footprint covers five modern factories in Estonia, Finland, Hungary and Poland.