Lithuania’s CityBee expands into Latvia and Estonia

Since launching in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius in 2010, ride-sharing company CityBee has established a presence in 14 other European cities. Its most recent expansion has seen it set up shop in neighbouring Latvia and Estonia.  

The company launched 150 electric scooters in Riga on July 2, with plans to reach 500, an investment of one million euros. This follows a launch of 100 electric scooters in Tallinn on June 19. 

Users locate CityBee’s scooters on a mobile app, before scanning the scooter’s code and then riding.

“During a 10-minute trip, the driver will be able to cover an average of two-three kilometres, which would cost 1.5 euros. That is already several times cheaper than the starting fee of a taxi,” said the manager of CityBee Estonia, Heigo Protten. He called on users to follow traffic rules, use helmets and choose a safe speed. 

CityBee, which is a project of the Lithuania-based Modus Group investment company, plans to launch its car rental services later this year.