R&D boost for Czech technology

The Eaton European Innovation Centre (EEIC) has been awarded a 1.5 million-dollar grant from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR) to embark on a ground-breaking joint research and development programme with the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The EEIC beat off tough competition from around 300 other R&D proposals to receive Czech government funding for its ambitious new programme. Spanning four years, the project focuses on creating an advanced valve train actuation system for greater engine energy efficiency, while also expanding Eaton’s electro-mechanical knowledge and capabilities to support future automotive innovation.

“As an innovator in power management solutions, we’re very proud to have won funding to pursue this ambitious project, as well as to invest in it ourselves,” said EEIC’s engineering manager Luboš Tomiška. “Combining our industry know-how in engine performance, efficiency and emissions with the best academic thinking, this programme will play a small, but important role in accelerating the global transition to a low-carbon future.”

Planned to run until December 2022, the project aims to improve engine energy efficiency by developing an advanced cylinder deactivation system that allows for independent cylinder control. Additionally, an electro-mechanical actuator will be developed for the system, including all the necessary hardware, electronics and controls. This work will significantly expand Eaton’s knowledge in the area of electro-mechanical actuator design and controls, allowing its engine air management division to become a ‘full system’ supplier in the field.

“We’re thrilled to be putting our brainpower behind the race to produce pulse-pounding horsepower while conserving fuel and reducing emissions,” EEIC director Engelbert Hetzmannseder added. “By collaborating with the Czech Technical University, we can also help develop the next generation of engineering talent that’s so vital to building a greener tomorrow. Together, we can make a real difference to peoples’ lives and the environment.”