The place to be for global outsourcing companies

When it comes to outsourcing, countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are becoming the places to be – or to outsource to, as you have it. Why Emerging Europe talks to Vikrant Khanna, working as Principal of Tholons, a leading strategic advisory firm for global outsourcing and investments, about the appeal of the CEE region as an outsourcing hotspot.

Khanna explains that for European companies in England and France, the shift from farshore outsourcing to distant locations like India and the Philippines in favour of nearshore outsourcing to their European neighbours in Poland and Hungary, for example, is becoming more and more appealing.

With closer client proximity comes strategic impact, especially in terms of client service, and service providers are starting to see the undeniable benefits of this, Khanna says. Perhaps even more appealing is the competitiveness of the region, with CEE leading globally in terms of talent and language availability, but also in terms of talent quality and cost. But not only European companies are taking note. Big Indian players, eager to break into the European market, are looking to companies in the CEE region for talent and growth opportunities.