Emerging Europe Live
CEE: The Outsourcing Destination

Emerging Europe is launching Emerging Europe Live: a series of engaging studio panel discussions about topics relevant to the region. They are recorded live and feature a selection of renowned experts, businesses and institutions.

The first episode in the series is entitled CEE: The Outsourcing Destination and will be recorded on April 18 in London and will premiere on Monday April 25 at 17:00 BST (GMT+1).

We have an exciting line up of participants, including:


Photo EElive

Our special guest is:

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We will explore topics such as:

• What the most recent trends are in the sector.

• What companies who want to outsource to the CEE region are looking for;

• Which particular CEE locations are the most attractive; which are the most promising ones/rising stars;

• What the advantages of the CEE region are and how can the region differentiate itself from competing locations

• Why the CEE region, as a whole, is becoming increasingly popular as far as the outsourcing sector is concerned.

• Which cities/countries stand out when we look at their value propositions (human resources, office space, quality of life, etc.?)

• How investors’ needs have changed over the last few years when it comes to locating their outsourcing centres?

Send your questions to the panellists using the hashtag #EEliveTV on Twitter by the morning of April 18 or email them to [email protected]


Emerging Europe Live | CEE: The Outsourcing Destination is being produced in association with Colliers International. Reporting and editing carried out independently by the Emerging Europe editorial team.