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Dacia celebrates 50th birthday

The first Dacia automobile rolled off the production lines at the company’s assembly plant in Pitești, Romania, on August 20, 1968. The first person to drive the car was then Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu (pictured).

Once the only car available in Romania (and then only after a very long wait), Dacia has been part of the Renault Group since 1999. The company is now Romania’s biggest by turnover, and its largest exporter. The company grew by 12.2 per cent in 2017, selling a total of 655,235 cars. The company’s largest plant remains its facility in Pitești, which has a capacity of 350,000 vehicles per year. Dacia also manufactures four of its models – the Dokker, Logan, Lodgy and Sandero – at units in Morocco.

Photo: Wikipedia / Creative Commons