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Greenpeace activists climb chimney of Poland’s largest power station

Early in the morning of November 27 Greenpeace activists climbed a 180-metre chimney at Poland’s biggest power plant in Bełchatów in protest at the country’s coal policy ahead of the UN’s COP24 climate change conference, to be held in Katowice from December 3.

“We are almost at the point of no return. The climate crisis is taking its toll before our eyes, and politicians who have the power to stop it need to implement solutions that will protect us from disaster. I come from a family where mining traditions have been cultivated for generations. However, nowadays coal is no longer the future. What we need is a just transition from coal and fossil fuels to renewables that will provide people in the coal industry with new jobs and enable… Only this will ensure that my generation and future generations will have a safe future,” said Marek Józefiak, one of the activists who climbed the chimney.

Last week the Polish energy ministry said in a draft document that by 2030, 60 per cent of Polish power would come from coal and that existing onshore wind farms will disappear.

“The draft ignores the threats and challenges resulting from the climate crises and proves that the energy minister completely does not understand the changes, which take place in the world’s energy,” said Pawel Szypulski from Greenpeace.

Photo: Greenpeace