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PiS ‘will rule for another 20 years’

Bogusław Ziętek, the founder of Solidarity 80 and August 80 has stated in an interview with Rzeczpospolita, that there is no sign of rapid change in the Polish government, and we should get used to the idea that Law and Justice (PiS) is here to stay.

“I appreciate some of the current government’s efforts, including the 500 plus programme, and what I like the most is that it is covered by a very wealthy Mrs [Grażyna] Kulczyk [the wife of the late Jan Kulczyk, the richest Pole] and a Mrs Malinowska, whose husband is behind a bar having a beer every day. By the way, I want to tell those who dream of a rapid change – in my opinion PiS will rule for 20 years,” he said.

Mr Ziętek added that the opposition should forget about even coming close to PiS. “Right now the ruling party would win against anybody.”

Photo: YouTube screenshot