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Armenian PM quits to force new election

Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashynian resigned on October 16 in order to force an early parliamentary election.

Announcing his decision, Mr Pashinyan said that the election would bring the non-violent, people’s revolution which brought him into office to an end, and return power to the Armenian people.

“I want to wish good luck to all the political forces that will take part in the early parliamentary elections,” he said. “I confirm that our government will guarantee that the elections are free and open. I want to thank you for your endless support and trust. I also want to apologise to all those whom I have disappointed, whose fair and legitimate hopes I did not live up to.”

According to the Armenian constitution, parliament can be dissolved and new elections held if a new prime minister does not win a vote of confidence over the next 14 days. Given that the leaders of all parliamentary parties have announced that they do not intend to nominate any candidates for the PM’s post, early elections are inevitable, most likely at the beginning of December.

According to a number of opinion polls, Mr Pashinyan’s personal approval rating is currently sky-high, reaching 82 per cent in one poll. He will remain in office until parliament elects a new prime minister.

Mr Pashinyan came to power in May after mass anti-government protests forced the resignation of his predecessor, Serzh Sargsyan. Since then, Mr Pashinyan has successfully reshaped Armenia’s political landscape and has sacked many representatives from the countries traditional political parties.

Photo: 1TV Armenia screenshot