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Belarus sees 43 per cent rise in tourists following introduction of visa-free travel

The number of tourists arriving in Belarus through Minsk National Airport has increased by 43 per cent since the introduction of the country’s 30-day visa-free travel scheme.

“The visa-free scheme itself could not have increased numbers without better informing people about travel to the country. We have managed to so that,” said Belarusian deputy tourism minister Mikhail Portnoi.

The Belarusian government increased the period of time foreign tourists can spend in the country to to 30 days in July 2018. Since then, the country has been investing heavily in improving its international image.

According to Belstat, the country’s state statistics service, the highest number of foreign tourists, more than 207,000 people, or 57 per cent, travelled to the country from Russia. An additional 37 per cent travelled from the countries of the European Union.