Foreign investment in Belarus down 8.5 per cent

The investment of foreign investors in the Belarusian economy (except the banking sector) amounted to 7.1 billion US dollars during the first nine months of the year, which is 8.45 per cent (600 million US dollars) less than in the corresponding period of 2018, Belsat TV has reported citing a report from the National Statistics Committee of Belarus (Belstat).

During the reporting period, Russia accounted for the highest share of foreign investments with 44.2 per cent, followed by the UK (19.7 per cent) and Cyprus (6.6 per cent).

During the same period, 4.4 billion US dollars were invested by Belarusian entities abroad, with 91.1 per cent of being direct investments.

The vast majority (62.3 per cent) of Belarusian investments went to Russia while 15.8 per cent was invested in Ukraine and 8.7 per cent in the UK.