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IMF to wait until elections before reopening negotiations with Ukraine

The International Monetary Fund has reconfirmed that it is ready to continue its cooperation with the next Ukrainian government once snap parliamentary elections called by President Volodymyr Zelensky have been held in July.

Speaking in a press conference on June 14, IMF communications director Gerry Rice said that the organisation would wait for a new government to be in place before holding further negotiations.

“There has been talk by some Ukrainian officials of [a new three or four year-long programme] happening at the end of 2019. Where we are on Ukraine is that elections are about to be held there and we are waiting for them to take place before we move forward with further discussions,” said Mr Rice, whose stance matches that of Ron van Rooden, leader of the last IMF mission to visit Ukraine at the end of May.

At the conclusion of the visit, Mr van Rooden said that fiscal and monetary policies remain on track, and that the IMF stands ready to return to Kyiv to continue discussions after the forthcoming parliamentary elections and as soon as a new government has clarified its policy intentions.”