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New platform aims to improve Ukraine’s tech start-up ecosystem

TechUkraine, the first initiative to emerge from Ukraine’s 2019-2023 export strategy for the IT sector, has been launched in the country’s capital Kyiv.

The initiative will focus on sharing knowledge about the start-up ecosystem, creating new platforms in the ecosystem and connecting Ukraine’s top start-ups with global cities and international investors.

TechUkraine’s platforms include: a portal that will serve as a guide and information sharing platform about Ukrainian tech; an international programme/network to support the growth of Ukrainian scale-ups as they build their businesses globally; a start-up-in-residence programme to link start-ups and Ukrainian cities looking for new and innovative solutions.

There are nine more initiatives in the TechUkraine pipeline.

The programme is inspired by Startup Amsterdam, whose former director, Ruben Nieuwenhuis, author of the book The Startup City, is an adviser to TechUkraine.

“Ukraine can be proud of its great tech potential,” said Mr Nieuwenhuis. “With TechUkraine it proves that stakeholders countrywide can unite to collaborate in growing towards Ukraine being a leading global tech hub.”

The first stage of the project is supported by the German government through Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Benjamin Klinger, director of the GIZ Promotion of a Supportive Framework for Trade Programme said: “We are happy to support the TechUkraine platform. I hope that it will contribute to the strengthening of the IT Sector in Ukraine.”