Emerging Europe and Pro Progressio will work together

As outsourcing and modern business services are significantly growing across Europe, the industry needs modern approach to wider communication. On September 15, 2016 Pro Progressio and Emerging Europe have announced their strategic partnership.

Emerging Europe and Pro Progressio have agreed to work together on various fields including knowledge sharing, education, market research and analysis as well as supporting European cities in promotion of their business attractiveness.

We believe that partnerships are most effective when both parties not only share common goals, but are in the same stage of development. Pro Progressio is also a fast growing organisation that supports entrepreneurship in the modern business services sector, which is key for Poland, the wider emerging Europe region and, therefore, for our publication. Pro Progressio believes in conversation and exchange between all key stakeholders in the industry: cities, service providers, advisors and buyers. This is the approach we have at Emerging Europe, so we are delighted to join such a dynamic, results-oriented organisation,” said Emiliano Ramos, Commercial Director at Emerging Europe.

In Pro Progressio, since we started we have focussed on knowledge sharing and education concerning modern business services. Via OutsourcingPortal.eu and Outsourcing&More Magazine our readers have access to current business stories and best practises related to entrepreneurship, modern business services and other business areas. Building a Partnership with Emerging Europe, together we can share this knowledge with much bigger audience across Europe and Worldwide. I am very happy we can work together and already look forward to projects we are planning for next months. Emerging Europe besides an on-going partnership with Pro Progressio, has also become the Partner of Outsourcing Stars Gala, which we organise on January 31, 2017 in Lublin (Poland),” said Wiktor Doktór, CEO of Pro Progressio.

Pro Progressio is Poland based organisation focused on growth and development of outsourcing and modern business services industry. Pro Progressio owns and manages OutsourcingPortal.eu, Outsourcing&More Magazine and Best2Invest.org web platform. The organisation runs a wide range of business activities focused on education and business networking. Pro Progressio runs Outsourcing Club and organises an annual industry event — the Outsourcing Stars Gala.