Emerging Europe Forms Strategic Partnership with QUIGLEYMEDIA

Emerging Europe today announces that it has formed a strategic partnership with QUIGLEYMEDIA, with the aim of promoting the Central and Eastern European (CEE) Region’s outsourcing proficiency across the UK sourcing industry, as well as other markets.

The partnership will see the provision of unparalleled insight and in-depth information on the many countries within the region that currently deliver technology and/or business services to the global sourcing market. The ‘Sourcing in Emerging Europe’ programme will also provide opportunities that will make it easier for meaningful collaboration and cross-border partnerships to develop.

Tom Quigley, Director of Outsourcing at Emerging Europe

Tom Quigley, Chief Marketing Officer for QUIGLEYMEDIA said “the UK sourcing industry is at a point of inflection, providing a real opportunity for the CEE region to showcase its outsourcing capability and position itself a viable, if not formidable, alternative delivery destination.

I’m delighted that Emerging Europe has chosen to partner with QUIGLEYMEDIA for this initiative. Together our aim is to provide the UK sourcing industry, along with other markets, with all the information, insight and data they need about CEE countries to allow them to make informed decisions about their future sourcing strategies. However, we plan to do this through a variety of integrated cross-channel experiences that are highly engaging, dynamically experiential and hugely informative. It’s clear from the discussions we’ve had to date that this programme will be game changing, and I’m very excited to be playing a role in it.”

Emiliano Ramos, Commercial Director at Emerging Europe, said “Emerging Europe has for some time enjoyed a very strong reputation for supporting CEE investment agencies, governments and individual businesses in their strategy and communication-related efforts right across a very broad spectrum of industry sectors. We’ve created ‘Sourcing in Emerging Europe’ in response to a growing demand from the industry for greater access to service excellence capability, tech-related talent and future skills, plus a culture embedded in innovation and a more collaborative way of working — all of which we believe the CEE region has in abundance.

We’re delighted Tom has agreed to join the Emerging Europe team as Director for Outsourcing, and look forward to providing a value-adding and highly differentiated service for both the UK sourcing community and the CEE Region.”

Editor Notes

About Emerging Europe
Emerging Europe is a think tank whose mission is to contribute to the social and economic growth of 23 countries across Central and Eastern Europe by generating discussion about trade and investment opportunities, business climate and culture. It reaches its goals by providing analysis, by running the world’s leading portal about business opportunities in the region, by releasing quarterly magazines and by organising business and cultural events — always engaging key stakeholders in the discussion.

QUIGLEYMEDIA is a next generation specialist outsourced marketing agency combining strategic marketing and business development consultancy with operational marketing support. With over 45 years cumulative experience in corporate operations, customer service, communications and marketing, QUIGLEYMEDIA inherently understands the inextricable link between business strategy, the customer journey and marketing execution.
Its aim is to help mid-market technology and professional services firms raise their profile across the UK sourcing industry, and win more business.

Emiliano Ramos is available for interview and can be contacted via newsroom@emergingeurope.com.
Tom Quigley is available for interview and can be contacted via info@quigleymedia.co.uk.


Press Release 03.08.2017 (pdf format)