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Emerging Europe is a news, intelligence and community platform.

We are headquartered in London, with a team on the ground across the region.

Every year over 2.5 million people rely on our independent editorial and intelligence content to form their opinions of the region.

Through our unique networking events, we give more than 1,200 business leaders a platform to discuss strategic opportunities every year.



Why feature on the Emerging Europe publication?

We are the world’s premier source of information about business, politics and lifestyle in the region.

Through our channels you will:

• position yourself and your organisation as a thought leader through high-quality content tailored for your audience;

• promote your brand, location and key topics to an audience that is actively interested in it;

• get first-hand, bespoke insight on your target audience through our market intelligence services;

• reach 2.5 million individuals representing prime industry associations, multinationals, SMEs, international institutions; governments and local authorities; start-ups and investors; universities; global and regional media outlets, as well as NGOs.


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