Think tank

Emerging Europe is a London-based think tank committed to boosting the social and economic development of 23 countries of Central and South Eastern Europe and the Caucasus and raising awareness about the region. We provide market intelligence and make connections between organisations located outside the region with their counterparts in emerging Europe. We showcase opportunities for international businesses interested in the region and advise potential investors where to locate their business in emerging Europe.

Our Mission

Our team believes in the outstanding potential of the CEE region and we are convinced that it represents the future of Europe. Much progress has been made in CEE over the past three decades, a region whose development was halted by almost half a century of communism. Our mission is to contribute to further economic and social development and raise awareness about the opportunities CEE provides.

Our Vision

We want to build prosperous and progressive economies throughout Emerging Europe. We see the region amongst the most developed parts of the world.

Our Approach

We provide credible, impartial information and educational resources, leveraging advocacy where it is appropriate and signalling calls to action for engagement and collaboration. We facilitate new partnerships, making connections and driving growth and investment.

We make use of all available communication channels, including the Emerging Europe portal, a quarterly magazine, industry and country reports and social media.

We deliver first-class content across digital, print, social and experiential platforms, providing a fully-integrated and immersive experience from which governments and businesses can access the most up-to-date and reliable information to enable them to determine future strategy.