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Highly detailed Earth illuminated by moonlight. The glow of cities sheds light on the detailed exaggerated terrain. A piece of Europe - Italy and Greece. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Having supported investment promotion agencies, governments and businesses in their strategy and communication-related efforts in the CEE region, we noticed a lack of a platform designed to really discuss business opportunities in the region.

Born out of a passion for the region and a will to contribute to its development, Emerging Europe was created in 2013 as a stand-alone online publication. 

For us, emerging Europe consists of 23 countries, which are at various stages of development, but share the same post-communist experience. They were a hidden part of Europe for a long time. Now we want them to ‘emerge’.

In line with its mission, Emerging Europe contributes to capacity building efforts in the region by donating part of its revenues. 


Emerging Europe’s development was halted by decades of communism. Yet, enormous progress has been achieved in the last 25 years. Our team believes in the outstanding potential of the region and we are convinced that the future of Europe lies in CEE. Our mission is to contribute to the region’s further economic and social development.


Our values are the building blocks of our mission. They guide our actions and the decisions we take every day: 
• Living and breathing the region,
• Discussion is the best way of achieving goals,
• Reaching out, listening to and connecting with.


We want to build prosperous and progressive economies in emerging Europe. We envision  the region amongst the most developed parts of the world.


Our core audience are business-oriented individuals and investors, as well as decision makers, influencers and operational staff in charge of investment and trade in the following types of organisations: leading industry associations, multinational companies, and SMEs; international institutions related to investment, trade and finance; governments and local authorities; universities and non-governmental organisations. Complementing our constant audience is a laser-focussed audience, which is attracted whenever we put the spotlight on a specific topic, industry or location. See our Media Kit 2017 for more information.


We offer a wide range of collaboration opportunities for businesses, public administration as well as universities, think tanks and non-governmental organisations, media outlets and event organisers. See our Media Kit 2017 for more information.

Businesses have a chance of reaching their key audiences and public authorities and to promote their locations. Experts, economists, analysts, leaders and academics can write for us and share their opinion with our readers and viewers.

We are also open to organising debates, conferences, both offline and online, partnering with already planned events, preparing reports and analyses.

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If you need more details, please contact Jerry Cameron, jerry@emerging-europe.com.

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