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Dr Igor Munteanu is managing director of the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives, one of the oldest research and advocacy think tanks in Moldova. He previously served as Moldovan Ambassador to the US, Canada and Mexico and was a political advisor to the first president of Moldova, Mircea Snegur. He has served on the International Board of PASOS (Policy Association Network), taught public policy seminars at the ASEM and served as an independent expert to the Institutional Committee of the Council of Europe. He launched Arena Politicii Journal, the first political science and foreign affairs journal in Moldova.

Moldova’s Briefly Suspended President is Still in Business

chisinau moldova parliament

Following a game-changing decision of the Constitutional Court on March 4, 2016, Moldovan voters were keen to vote for a new, directly elected president. The idea of choosing the highest official of state in direct elections appealed to regular citizens: more than 90 per cent approved of the idea. It was the political parliamentary parties, who had elected the president until then, who were less keen.

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