Bloggers, vloggers and influencers can now stay in Vilnius for free

Tinggly, the global experience gifting company, has launched Blogger House, accommodation designed for bloggers, vloggers and other influencers to stay in central Vilnius free of charge. Guests will have a dedicated host from Tinggly’s team to help them experience the city and its surroundings in a new light and take part in different experiences. The investment of 100,000 euros in the Tinggly loft is part of the company’s plans to continue its growth and spread the message that experiences give us more happiness than things.

“We believe experiences are much better gifts than things because of the lasting happiness they provide. They become memories and stories to tell friends and family. We want to share our enthusiasm for experiencing new adventures, food, cultures with as many people as possible and make the world a happier place in the process. Documenting these emotions together with our guests is the best way to do so,” explains Linas Ceikus, founder and CEO of Tinggly.

The science backs up Tinggly’s belief in the power of experience gifting. Over the last few years, scientific studies have demonstrated that experiences indeed create more happiness than things. People’s excitement about physical things may last for some time, but an experience can last a lifetime as a fond memory. It is also proven that gifting to others produces more happiness than purchases made for oneself. And different studies point to the fact that we experience happiness in the anticipation of an event or experience one is looking forward to. The way Tinggly works, it can provide all of those different forms of happiness.

The changing demographic and travel trends also confirm Tinggly’s vision. Former US President Barack Obama summarised it perfectly speaking at the 2019 World Travel and Tourism Council’s Global Summit in Seville, where he said: “Young travellers have a different attitude, they want experiences. What really excites them is being able to feel as if they are interacting with a new culture, learning, meeting people.”

Tinggly’s product offering is global in scope and boasts an enormous breadth of experiences. With over 2,000 of them, there is something for everyone in Tinggly’s gift boxes, from swimming with sharks in Australia to wine tasting in Tuscany. But with such choice, choosing experiences and planning for others can be difficult, particularly when the experiences can be located anywhere in the world.

Yet Tinggly’s entire purchasing process is simple, quick and convenient. Gift purchasers don’t need to decide the exact experience to gift, nor the time or location. Gift recipients are given the freedom to decide that for themselves. Tinggly makes it easy by packaging all its experiences into 26 gift boxes with different themes and price points. It’s an innovative way of structuring the purchase that allowed Tinggly to be the first and only company to offer experience gifting on a truly global scale.

Since being founded in 2014, the company has grown at a rate of at least 100% every year. In 2018 it doubled its turnover from 250,000 euros to 500,000 euros. The team expect to replicate that performance in 2019 and pass the one million-euro mark. Blogger House is an investment and an innovation the team hopes will help it get there.

Guests arriving to Blogger House are shown around Vilnius and parts of Lithuania by Tinggly’s team. Apart from spending time together trying out the food and drink of the country, the team also organises special experiences beyond those available on Tinggly’s website.

In consistence with Tinggly’s belief that experiences are worth more than things, those staying at Blogger House will not be paid or given anything material. To encourage a more authentic reflection of the overall experience, there are no contracts – it is completely up to the bloggers and influencers themselves to decide how they portray their stay at Blogger House.