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The Emerging Europe Awards offer unrivalled opportunities for leading entities both inside and outside the region to raise their profiles, meet clients and support the values and successes of the region.

As a Partner, you will be part of a group of the most successful individuals, companies and organisations from 23 countries across the emerging Europe region.

Business connections
Partners will join the exclusive invitation-only part of the programme for senior representatives of global, CEE and UK corporations, governmental and international financial institutions, associations and start-ups.

Over 20 global, CEE and UK media outlets will be joining us in London, including the BBC, Reuters and the Economist.

Show that your company is a champion of the region by actively supporting a positive and meaningful initiative designed to showcase to global markets the best the region has to offer.

To find out more please contact Emiliano Ramos at, mobile +447561 074 533.

  • "Our involvement has provided us with many great opportunities to build relationships with representatives of businesses, governments, investment promotion agencies and financial institutions working across CEE. The first edition was a great success. PwC is not only continuing to stay involved for the 2019 edition but expanding the scope of our participation - and I strongly encourage leading organisations to get involved."
    Jeffery McMillan
    Jeffery McMillan
    Global Head of Communications
  • I am delighted to be part of the Emerging Europe Awards.The initiative matches what we at GE also aim to create: strong cooperation with local authorities and businesses which have demonstrated excellence in raising awareness, social progress and economic development. Through the awards we truly are supporting the development of the region.
    Peter Stracar
    Peter Stracar
    GE Europe

Partners of the Emerging Europe Awards 2018