Serbia’s MK Group to use biomass to power 5,000 homes

Serbian holding company MK Group has announced plans to construct a biomass-fired power plant worth 8.1 million euros.

According to the Serbian press, the new plant will be built by MK Biogas, a subsidiary of the conglomerate, in partnership with German biotechnology firm Wabio Technologie in Vrbas, northern Serbia.

“Companies like Sunoko and other members of MK Group, which have enough waste from farm and animal slaughter industries, as well as by-products of sugar beet, can use these raw materials to produce electricity. With such innovative investments, our group contributes to the protection of environment and makes our business more efficient and sustainable,” said MK Biogas director Predrag Božić.

Once established, the alternative energy plant will produce an annual 20,000 MWhs, satisfying the energy consumption of around 5,000 Serbian households.