Skanska merges Polish, Czech and Slovak units

The Polish, Czech and Slovak branches of Swedish real estate company Skanska have been merged to form a new business unit called Skanska Central Europe.

The establishment of the Skanska Central Europe business will create an operational model that is common to both the construction and development sections, which will also allow for a unified approach to cooperation.

“The new Skanska Central Europe business unit will offer a unique opportunity to share the best work experience of our existing business units in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia while maintaining local competencies,” said the president and CEO of the global Skanska Group, Anders Danielsson.

“Skanska will use the dimension of the new business unit to provide employees with more opportunities for their career growth within the group.”

Skanska is one of the largest real estate developers in the emerging Europe region. In July, it sold its Praga Studios development to CBRE.

Photo: Skanska