UDP Renewables launches solar power plant in Ukraine

UDP Renewables, part of UFuture Investment Group, has launched its new Scythia-Solar-2 power plant in Melitopol, southern Ukraine.

Built from an investment of 21.6 million euros, the new power plant has a peak capacity of 33.1 megawatts and consists of more than 91,000 solar modules. It will generate close to 42,000 MWh each year, enough to power more than 13,000 households.

The company estimates that the plant will prevent the emissions of 51 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year.

“UFuture and UDP Renewables continue to consistently realise the economic potential of Ukraine’s southern region following our long-term energy strategy. Now, the share of renewable energy sources in our country’s energy mix is only about three per cent, but together we work towards changing this ratio,” UFuture founder Vasyl Khelmnystky said, adding that the group’s target is to achieve a total production capacity of 160 MW by the end of 2019.

“Scythia-Solar-2 is a high-tech facility. It is the second phase of our largest project, Scythia-Scolar, which we started implementing in 2018,” said UDP Renewables managing partner Sergiy Yevtushenko. He added that the investment had created 315 jobs so far.