Wizz Air may look across the Atlantic for future growth

Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, has for the first time suggested that the airline might have a transatlantic future, and that it is mulling the launch of direct flights from Budapest to New York.

“Passenger traffic at Budapest airport could soon be ahead of Prague, and if the trend continues, it could reach 30 million people by 2030,” said Wizz Air CEO József Váradi, underlining the great potential tourism has in Budapest.

“Last year tourism increased by more than seven per cent, while in Europe the average stands at 3-5 per cent. Passenger traffic at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport has also grown more than the average,” he added.

Wizz Air is not only targeting foreign tourists: the airline hopes to see an increase in the number of Hungarians travelling by plane. This is why Mr Váradi can see more distant destinations, such as New York, becoming directly accessible from Budapest.

In September, Wizz Air passenger number grew by 17.5 per cent, allowing the company to continue to expand its network, operations and customer offering. Further investments are planned in Poland with a seventh aircraft being added to its Gdansk fleet with three new routes announced, including one to the new airport in Oslo, Norway. Additionally, the Wizz Air Pilot Academy programme is all set to be launched in Hungary, following the success of similar programmes in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.