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Belarus software exports set to reach two billion US dollars

Sergei Rumas, the prime minister of Belarus, has said that the value of the country’s software exports will reach two billion US dollars this year, a figure he says is “more than respectable for a country the size of Belarus.”

Speaking at an innovation summit in Moscow on October 22, Mr Rumas said that in terms of software exports per capita, “Belarus has become a leader in Eastern Europe and the CIS.”

Mr Rumas praised the success of the country’s technology business park, which was boosted in 2017 by a new legislation that offers favourable terms to residents.

“The park’s residents are now allowed to do business and make deals in Belarus the way they are used to doing in the world’s best jurisdictions. The resident companies have been granted tax incentives. Oversight and control agencies are barred from interfering,” said Mr Rumas, who added that the park’s exports and earnings were rising by between 30-40 per cent each year.

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