Estonia ramps up new tech adoption with pilot digital programme

As befits one of the world’s most digital-friendly states, Estonia’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MKM) has announced plans to develop a pilot programme aimed at digitalising the country’s factories.

The initial pilot will provide support to four industrial companies that prepared to go through full digitalisation and automation, the Baltic Times writes.

“The objective is to establish pilot solutions in Estonia that would serve as an example to other companies of the field and help establish actual functioning digital solutions in industrial companies,” said Kaupo Reede, head of the department for economic development at the MKM.

According to Mr Reede, the only way forward is digitalisation and automation.

“In order to produce more, it is necessary to implement new technologies and make new and existing devices communicate smartly with one another. However, this means entrepreneurs must step out of their comfort zone,” added Mr Reede.

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) will be providing support for the pilot project and will offer advice to enterprises in their transition to digital.

“EAS will offer industrial enterprises digital diagnostics support, during which the company’s work processes will be analysed and a plan of action will be drawn up for their digitalisation, automation and making them more efficient,” announced Maria Värton, sectoral manager of entrepreneurship grants at EAS, adding that, “the results of the roundtable discussion between the Estonian professional associations in the field of industry, MKM and EAS agree that Estonian industrial enterprises need a boost in implementing digital technologies over the next few years in order to keep up with changing global trends.”