Georgia set to end 2019 with new privatisation push

Georgia’s economy minister, Natia Turnava, has said that the Georgian government is set to increase its privatisation target for 2019, calling the privatisation of state-owned properties a government priority, has reported.

Speaking to journalists on September 30, Mrs Turnava noted that the government’s plan for this year had included the sale of state properties worth 60 million lari (18.45 million euros). “This plan has already been carried out,” she announced.

The economy minister noted that privatisation contributed to increasing employment and accelerating Georgia’s economic growth, stressing that there are still a number of properties including buildings, factories and other constructions, that should be sold to the private sector.

The aim of the continued effort is to increase the country’s budgetary revenues. reported that the share of revenues from privatisation in the Georgian budget amounted to 73 million lari (22.45 million euro) as of September 30 and it is projected to increase to around 100 million lari (30.6 million euros) by the end of 2019.