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Latvia to host new NATO HQ

Estonia, Latvia and Denmark have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a new headquarters for NATO’s Multinational Division North, which will serve as basis for the functioning of the alliance’s new international division.

“The creation of Headquarters Multinational Division North in Latvia is a highly important step not only in strengthening Latvia’s defence but also for the entire region’s security. We are proud to be the host country,” said Latvia’s Minister of Defence Artis Pabriks.

“With the launch of Multinational Division North, we will achieve a new level in strengthening NATO’s response capacity in standing up against the threats faced by our region. The alliance’s deterrence capability and capability to defend us will increase significantly when Multinational Division North becomes operational,” added Estonian Defence Minister Juri Luik.

The new HQ is to be a part of the NATO troop structure which links military units of the region to the alliance’s higher command structure. It will be tasked with command of military operations in its area of responsibility.

The headquarters will engage in planning and oversight over military operations, planning and integration of deployed NATO units in the region, as well as organising training in accordance with national and NATO defence plans.

The new headquarters of Multinational Division North will be inaugurated in Adazi, Latvia, on March 8.

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