Ukraine’s internet advertising market jumps 82 per cent in first half of 2019

ANIS romanian ICT

The Ukrainian internet advertising market grew by an impressive 82 per cent during the first six months of 2019 compared with the same period of last year, Open4Business Ukraine has reported.

The total value of the market was worth 1.987 billion hryvnias (71.76 million euros) from January to June.

Part of the reason for the big increase is thought to be the large amounts spent by the various candidates in the country’s presidential election, which took place in April. Various forms of targeted social media ads amounted to 36.6 per cent of all internet advertisements.

According to the Ukrainian Internet Association (UIA), the main segments of the media internet advertising market were in-stream videos (41 per cent), banner advertising (34 per cent), in-page video ads (11 per cent), with “non-standard solutions” such as pop-ups or sound ads standing at nine per cent. Sponsorship makes up five per cent of the market.